K-Zone Trainer
    The K-Zone Trainer is a pitching target system with state-of-the-art technology utilizing sensors, GPS, and Bluetooth designed to develop control and command by providing instant feedback and analysis. Results of your K-Zone training sessions are recorded and evaluated each session.    

Training software allows us to customize pitching workout sessions, including pitch type and pitch location. The customized software also allows pitchers to throw in simulated games or compete against other pitchers.


After each pitch, the software displays accuracy and velocity of the pitch and the results are saved. Results from each training session may be printed with a variety of report options. K-Zone training not only provides us with an invaluable evaluation and analysis tool, but it makes the pitcher;s progress easy to track and provides impartial feedback.

The K-Zone Trainer is used in our Pitching Leagues.

  Software screenshot
    Photos and video of the K-Zone Trainer will be added to the web site in the near future.    
Team Facility Rentals
Need an indoor facility for off-season workouts for your team this winter? Jack City has a limited number of time slots available for both teams and individuals.
Options include:
  • Single cage (15' x 65')
  • Double cage (30' x 65')
  • Entire facility (45' x 65')
Grand Opening Special: $50 per hour if you book the facility on Saturday or Sunday through February. Openings are limited and will book quickly.
We will also run your practice sessions as a series of mini-clinics for you if you prefer. We will customize the workouts according to your specific needs. Facility rental fee plus $5 per hour per player.
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