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Instruction / lessons    
Jack City offers a variety of Individual and Small Group Instruction opportunities customized to meet your needs. We prefer one-on-one or two player lesson sessions as this allows us to provide the proper amount of attention to each student and to create a specific, customized training plan for each player. We will be happy to discuss alternative options where transportation or financial issues make larger groups more attractive for you.    
You may register for individual instruction online
Note: All lesson slots are currently full and we are only able to accept waiting list applications at this time. We will be opening a number of Saturday slots the first week of November when the fall season begins to wind down. Please feel free to email us to be notified when a slot opens.    
Individual and Small Group Instruction    
Private Single Lessons    
30 minute session $ 35
60 minute session   $ 65
Private Lesson Packages    
Five 30 minute lessons   $160
Ten 30 minute lessons   $ 310
Five 60 minute lessons   $300
Ten 60 minute lessons   $550
2 Player Group Lessons    
30 minute session   $ 20 / player
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