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Recruiting and exposure    
Jack City is in the unique position of being able to provide a full range of recruiting and exposure services that benefit both athletes and college coaches. We have programs designed to meet the specific needs of individuals, small groups, and travel teams. With more than 30 years of experience assisting student-athletes in the recruiting process, we have the resources, knowledge, and ability to guide you through the recruiting and exposure mine field.    
Services offered:    
  • College Showcase Events
  • Exposure Tournaments and Games
  • Skills Videos
  • Streaming Broadcasts
  • Recruiting Seminars
  • Prospect Services
  • Player Profiles
  • Web Delivery of Videos and Profiles
  • Consulting Services
Skills Videos special pricing - limited time only    
One of the most effective methods of getting the attention of a college coach is with a Skills Video. Many coaches ask for a video before they will come watch a player at an exposure tournament.    
Unfortunately, skills videos can be very expensive to record and produce, and often it is even more expensive to duplicate and ship. Coaches receive so many DVDs in the mail that they can easily get lost in a pile on on their desks and there is no way to know if your video has ever been viewed. At times DVDs never even make it to the coach.    
Jack City has a great, low cost solution for you. We will film and edit your skills video and make it available online 24/7 to all college coaches. No need to deal with CDs or DVDs. No duplication or shipping necessary. We have had a great deal of success producing online skills videos for players from several teams.    
$75 recording and editing fee
$15 per month video hosting
Video Booking
Phone 615-473-5314
Email   recruiting@msaba.org
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